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Jail Inmate Fees
Effective November 1, 2016


For expenses* incurred by Langlade County in relation to the crime for which a person was sentenced to the county jail, or for which the person was placed on probation and confined in jail:
Booking fee: 
$25.00 each time the inmate is booked into the jail on PO hold, or serving a sentence or commitment.
No fee if held on a sanction.
Daily fee for confinement:
$10.00 per day for sentenced inmates.
$20.00 per day for out of county transfers.
$10.00 per day if held as a condition of Probation sentence or if held and subject To Huber.
No fee if held on a probation hold.
Huber fee: $17.00 per day, together with a one-time fee, per incident, of $25.00.
Huber transfer fee:

$20.00 per day and $50.00 per incident.

Drug screening fee $10.00 per occurrence.
Lock rental fee  $5.00
Electronic monitoring fee:    $17.00 per day, together with a setup fee, per incident, of $25.00.
Medical expenses:         Inmate is responsible for medical expenses incurred by the County for the actual costs of medical care received by the inmate.  Costs not to exceed the medical assistance rate for such care, if such rate exists. Note: the responsibility to reimburse the County for medical expenses begins at the time an inmate is charged with a crime and held in the jail.

*These expenses do not exceed the “actual” per day costs incurred by Langlade County.  The county shall not recover the same expenses twice.